Covid 19 - our working practices

Covid 19 - our working practices

 18 Mar 2020

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At BT&S we have been monitoring the situation with Covid-19 / Coronavirus on a regular basis and have updated our working practices in line with the daily changes. We took the decision last week to make non-essential meetings by phone or video conference and offer this to all contacts we deal with.

We have been working in a buoyant recruitment market and will continue to work on the basis that many of the roles we recruit for are business-critical. It is just as important for us to act responsibly for the wider community and to make sure we do everything we are advised to ensure the impact of the virus is minimised.

We are fully equipped and experienced at working in a mobile fashion and from home, with full use of technology to enable us to continue face to face meeting but via the medium of skype/WhatsApp etc.

We will continue to deliver our services to the high standards we pride ourselves on delivering and we will do everything in our power to ensure we are enabled to support you during this uncertain and difficult time.

As more & more employees find themselves logging on from home, managers face the challenge of helping their teams maintain effectiveness while adapting to a work arrangement that may be unfamiliar. We will be sharing tips and articles to assist in organisations understanding the challenges and positives to working in new and innovative ways.

Act responsibly, use technology and let’s keep business working together. 


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