Happy Friday

Happy Friday

 31 Jan 2020

When we started this business one of the things we promised ourselves is that we would get together on the last Friday of every month to review our progress and our future plans over a cocktail or too - this stems from one of our values 'Making it fun' and a month end cocktail fits that perfectly. We actually started writing this post on Monday would you believe it, but a number of candidate offers flying in first thing on Monday morning, followed by new roles going live and new candidates registering we've only just come up for air - and to finish this post - which is brilliant. So, here's a quick top ten highlights from the first month of 2020


1. Launch press release finally sent out - just in time for our 7 month anniversary :-)

2. 14 new roles registered

3. 208 candidates registered through our website

4. 6 offers accepted

5. 300 hours on the phone

6. Can’t count the number of emails sent

7. 750 miles driven

8.  A LOT of coffees drank

9. 2 articles prepped for next month

10. 2 cocktails ordered so far...and counting.


Happy Friday folks, we made it through January and to the longest payday of the year. Let's see what February holds for us all!


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