Newly Qualified 



So now you are Qualified - what direction will you go with your career? Is it time to look for a  new role or are you best staying in your current role and capitalising on all the experience you have to date?

No matter what you choose, the decisions you make at this stage will probably be amongst the most important of your career. It is at this point you will have more options open to you than at any other time, so it is essential that you work with a trusted recruitment partner who genuinely has your best interests at heart.

We understand it will be daunting and you will probably have numerous questions and considerations – we will be there at every step of the way to ensure you have all the answers and various options for you to make the best decision right now but also with consideration of your longer-term career goals.

On the flip side, this such an exciting time for you as you may want to consider new aspects of finance that have not been so readily available to you until this point;

  • If you are currently in Practice you might want to step into the world of Industry, move to a larger firm or even have a go at Internal Audit, Corporate Finance or Treasury?
  • Just Qualified in Industry? Do you move into a larger role within an SME or join a larger company, Blue Chip or FTSE company and take on your first role within staff management?
  • Or would you want to consider a role in Not for Profit or Public Sector?  This sector has changed beyond recognition over the last few years and may give you an opportunity to use your accountancy skills and business acumen in organisations that face the same challenges as the Private Sector, but may satisfy a personal appetite of ‘giving something back’

In summary, your options are endless and we will be here to help you consider all of them that are available to you.